Are Weekend Workouts Worth It?

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scrabble letters spelling out the word yay weekend
scrabble letters spelling out the word yay weekend

Friday for many of us it means lots of fun in the sun and relaxing!

For others, it might mean pressing pause for two days on workouts until we power up again on Monday.

Now, having a rest day or two from time in the gym isn’t bad, but in some cases, weekend workouts can bring some benefits for health and exercise.

Here are some points to consider:

Working out the weekend for keeping momentum

If you only exercise every other day or only a couple of days a week a weekend workout can help you keep the momentum.

If you for instance do an every third-day cycle or such, a weekend workout can ensure you keep the momentum going.

Plus, you will feel less rushed as you can go in the morning, afternoon or early evening if you prefer (and, of course, depending on your gym’s hours).

No time in the weekdays? No problem

Not able to get to the gym during the week? You can still get a good weekend workout.

Let’s be honest: many of us have demanding jobs that can cause us to not get time to go to the gym.

For parents, time might even be more tight to get a weekday workout squeezed in.

So, getting weekend gym sessions can definitely be worth it.

Plus you can focus completely on the exercises that you are doing without being distracted or thinking about work responsibilities.

Recharging by working out

If you don't have the energy for weekday workouts, weekends can be perfect to recharge as you work out.

To be honest, there is nothing enjoyable about being dog-tired after a hard day’s work and then dragging your heels to the gym to get a sufficient session in.

Over weekends, we are usually more rested and have more time, which can be great for workouts, as we will be better replenished and energised

Weekend workouts can help you smash your fitness goals

If you need to get that third workout session of the week over the weekend, nothing is stopping you!

It can be a great opportunity to reach the number of workouts that you want to achieve, and you can feel confident during the week that you are staying on track with your exercise routine.

As you can see from today’s newsletter, weekends can be great for workouts depending on your schedule.

But whether you take it easy this weekend or get a session in, always know that it is important to do what works for you, your fitness and your schedule.