Busted! 5 Gym Myths To Stop Believing

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grayscale photo of man raising his right hand statue
grayscale photo of man raising his right hand statue

Have you ever heard a comment about going to the gym that you immediately thought, “Well, that can definitely NOT be true?”

There are loads of gym myths out there, and it is important that you do not get caught in believing them - especially when you want to stay true to your workout and follow the best steps for getting results!

So, without further ado, let’s look at some myths that immediately need to go in the trash.

Pain is good

We’ve all experienced those sore muscles after a workout that need a bit of TLC and recovery.

However, when you feel sharp shooting pains, it is a big warning sign that you pushed yourself too far in a workout.

The best thing we can recommend here is to know your limits.

Improving, of course, happens over time, but never go for broke if it can cause serious injury.

Cardio only is needed for weight loss

Not so! You need both cardio and muscle-building strength training.

The reason for this is an increased muscle tissue will help you to burn calories.

So, keep a good balance and you will see great results.

Weight training is going to bulk you up quickly


You’ll certainly be fitter and stronger if you incorporate weight training in your routine.

But unless you are on a program that’s specifically aimed at bodybuilding, you won’t suddenly bulk up without reason.


If you wanna become big you need to eat big.

Make sure to eat as much as you train, in this way you will start so see improvements faster.

Fat can turn into muscle - and vice versa

This myth can be especially annoying, as it just doesn’t make any sense!

Fat and muscle are two completely different tissues, and one cannot magically transform into the other.

Also, muscles are built, whereas fat can be burned.

So, never believe this myth of fat turning into muscle and otherwise - not true, and definitely not something to aspire to!

If I am not sweating up a storm, I’m definitely not working out hard enough

Being drenched in sweat definitely doesn’t mean you’ve been exercising like a boss.

Several things impact how much you sweat in the gym - from the temperature inside and how humid it is in the centre, to how your hydration levels are doing.

Some people also sweat less than others, so never think that if you aren’t sweating much that you are getting a decent workout.

Keep working rat!

We will see you tomorrow with: "Are Weekend Workouts Worth It?"