Coolest Fitness Challenges to Take in 2023

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gym equipment inside room
gym equipment inside room

The Classic Running Challenge

First, we've got the running challenge, a fabulous way to push yourself and keep track of your progress.

Whether you set your goal or not, tracking your miles on apps, smart watches, or even your phone is a fantastic way to see how you're doing compared to an average person and keep pushing yourself further.

You can also set your goal to break the record of a professional runner or to match it at least.

Burn Those Stubborn Calories

If weight loss is your primary goal, the burn calories challenge is a fantastic way to stay on track.

You can easily track your progress using fitness apps or activity trackers and compete against other gym-goers to see who can burn the most calories.

If you don’t have a gym buddy to compare with, challenge yourself to do better than your best to keep it fun and motivating.

Watch what you are eating and your daily calorie intake.

Note: Stay Tuned for Our Low Calorie and Healthy Recipes to help you get the desired results.

The Trending Rowing Challenge

Rowing is here to stay for 2023 as well.

You can set your challenge based on distance, pace, or time, making it perfect for all skill levels.

And the best part? You'll get an incredible full-body workout that will leave you feeling strong and revitalised.

The Consistent AMRAP Challenge

AMRAP stands for as many reps as possible or as many rounds as possible. You can do an AMRAP challenge in a range of workouts.

This quick workout is perfect for maximising your time at the gym without compromising your social life.

And the best part? You can challenge yourself to do more reps or rounds each time you take on this incredible challenge!

The Athletic Cycling Challenge

If running isn't your thing, or you're looking for a low-impact workout that's kinder to your joints, this challenge is the perfect fit.

Not only will you be able to track your miles traveled and speed, but you'll also be able to push yourself to new heights and achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, challenging to do your best through short-term goals will help you achieve your SMART goals.

Top 3 Tips to Choose the Right Fitness Challenge for Yourself?

Congratulations on taking the first step toward embarking on a fitness challenge!

This decision will undoubtedly lead to a healthier and happier you.

✅ Find a Challenge that Excites You

✅ Set Realistic Goals

✅ Look for a challenge with a community or support group attached