The 3 steps way to achieve your dream body

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woman in black tank top sitting on brown wooden bench
woman in black tank top sitting on brown wooden bench

Happy Monday and welcome to this week’s first newsletter!

Are you loving going to the gym, but you just cannot seem to get the gains you want?

And does it feel like that dream gym body is constantly just out of your reach?

I get it.

All of us push hard through our workouts to make every step count, but when it comes to getting the results that we want, it can get difficult.

Especially if our time is limited and our work/after-work schedules are already so full.

All is not lost though - in fact, your motivation to get fit the way you like has already gotten you halfway there!

Check out these tips if you are ready to make the dream a reality - they are easier than you think!

Tip #1: Work hard with the time that you have

Whether you can schedule an hour or 30-minute block for exercise, make it count!

Work with your trainer to get the right ratio for cardio and strength training, as well as stretching.

This will ensure that your workout doesn’t end up having “empty” minutes and that you are fully on task to reach your weekly goals.

If you don't have a trainer, no worries, we are here for that.

In our newsletter we also send advices and recommendations on exercises of all kinds.

Our next tip is...

Tip #2: Be patient

As you exercise, remember that you will soon enough see results if you stay on track - but don’t go looking for fast gains!

Remember, you are creating the building blocks of the physique that you want to achieve, and every step brings you closer.

Usually, when you start working out, and you follow a correct routine and diet, in average you will see a real improvement after 3 months.

And last but not least...

Tip #3: If you are training the right way, every session doesn’t have to be a full-body workout

Most bodybuilders prefer to hit different muscle per day.

Others prefer to do a full body workout every day with two days of relax.

And are both right.

You can choose the routine that most fit your needs. Is not a big change.

Usually we suggest to try for at least one month both routines. And see what works best for you.

This way, you won't feel overwhelmed and stressed every time.